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Redemption is the essence of self-empowermentas once we can see clearly we can change anything and the implications of this for us now on this planet are quite simply earth shattering. It allows us the gift of real hope even in the midst of worldwide tragedies. Redemption is an alchemical remedy centered around the Noya Rao tree also known as the mother of all plants. It basically floods your body with light which moves the patterns we have accumulated in this life out of the body. Noya Rao is the centerpiece of Redemption around which all the other ingredients are arrayed like jewels in a crown. Noya Rao also known as the flying tree, love medicine and the tree of life, is a plant intelligence that disappeared from the planet and was thought to be a legend but which returned to the planet in the last 10 years. The song of redemption was sung by Jason King to allow a bridge of connection to be created between the tree and us, and represents a big part of Redemption and its ability to work with us. This tree grows in Peru and is held in higher reverence than all other medicinal plants. It is bio luminescent. When approached at night, its leaves and roots glow bluish purple, much like the tree in Avatar. Much of the action of this tree is shrouded in mystery but what does come out is that it floods the person with light and in this process a lot of inbuilt dysfunctional patterning is flushed from the system. Think of it as a mental and emotional detox.

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