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    As millions of shoppers around the world race for the Black Friday Finanza, the coronavirus pandemic has meant a lot more people are choosing to look for their deals online. This means that many small and medium enterprises could find themselves locked out of the online shopping boom simply because they don't have the knowledge or resources to adopt and trained to the buying and selling patterns. What is clear is that digital retail has taken off globally.
    Network is a technology and social media news programme. This episode has information on how you can keep safe as you shop online for Black Friday. We look at accessibility of gaming and video games development in the townships. We have details on eHealth services in Africa. We chat to Malawi-based Timmy Ntilosanje about a report that says many people still don't ensure that their online passwords aren't strong.
    Black Friday is around the corner. It's the first Black Friday to occur in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is expected to be a tough festive season as many people have suffered financially during the national lockdown. Most micro-outlets are expected to start their online deals earlier to try and attract consumers.

    South Africa’s President, Cyril Ramaphosa, has announced his economic reconstruction and recovery plan. Central to this was job creation and the reindustrialisation of the economy through small business development. This, coupled with reports that e-commerce saved many small businesses in South Africa, growing by almost forty-percent during lockdown, means there is a budding opportunity for small businesses in the e-commerce space, backed by government and business. This according to Yaron Assabi, CEO for relationship marketing solutions company, Digital Solutions Group
    The lockdown enforced by the COVID-19 pandemic has put e-commerce at the forefront of retail. Customers have had to migrate online for their shopping needs. And, this reality has played out across geographies and markets, mature and emerging., one of South Africa’s top e-commerce platforms, finds itself at the center of this revolution in Africa. Customers who were slow to embrace the e-commerce industry due to a lack of trust have now undergone a change in mindset and are increasing consumption online.