Steamulating Yoniverse - 120g

R 100.00


Yoni Steaming is an ancient and traditional practice rooted in many cultures for woman self-care, it has been practiced for centuries to heal and tone the vagina. It is a noninvasive gentle process almost like a spa or similar or steam room for the Vagina with many beneficial herbs in it. The steaming session is a very relaxing and meditative time for oneself to reconnect with their sexuality. The process of Yoni Steaming allows awareness into the bodys reproductive system which tends to improve the sexual experience as it heals any subconscious trauma. The steam should not be too close, resulting in burning you but should gently circulate the heat from afar. Vaginal steaming works in much the same way as steam inhalation does to help to ease blocked sinus, by dilating blood vessels and stimulating blood flow and increases sensitivity, as well as allowing the body to absorb the herbal oils and phytonutrients released by the herbs when they come into contact with the hot water. These compounds then provide all the good benefits to your body.

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