THE SERUM for deep wrinkles!

  • moisturises the skin
  • can visually cushion deep wrinkles
  • can relax expression lines

The face concentrate from Dr. Fuchs can stimulate the formation of new hyaluronic acid in the skin. It can relax expression lines and visually plump up deep wrinkles. The face concentrate can counteract the premature aging process of the skin.



Dr. Michaela Fuchs has been working as a doctor in cosmetic medicine for over 25 years. Based on her experience in this field, she started developing her own range of cosmetics 13 years ago. Special emphasis is placed on quality, skin compatibility and effectiveness of the used ingredients. All cosmetics are produced in Germany according to the highest quality standards. Dr. Fuchs Cosmetics follows a new approach in the daily fight against wrinkles: Care for the skin on the outside and simultaneously build up from the inside.

The foundation of all her products is so-called “bioactive ingredients”, derived during pharmacological research. These help the skin to help itself to regenerate and therefore minimize the signs of ageing.

The opportunity and knowledge to activate and further develop these bioactive ingredients gives Dr. Fuchs Cosmetics the unique chance to create cosmetics considering the latest scientific research.



BeautyMed Therapy 2.0 is a special high-tech base-care line, based on the bioactive agents Syn®-Ake, Syn®-Hycan and Syn®-Coll.
Novhyal®, a bioactive peptide of the latest generation, is a needle-free filler optically padding deep folds. The BeautyMed Therapy 2.0 Needle-Free Concentrate is a highly concentrated serum against mimic folds, deep folds and loss of volume.
Syn®-Hycan, when Pentapharm developed a new component in the bioactive tripeptide Syn®-Hycan the regeneration of hyaluronic acid in the skin was stimulated. In 2010 Syn®-Hycan received the European BSB-Innovation Award.
In a 6 week study, higher skin elasticity of an average of 17% was noticed. The facial contours improved, the sagging parts of the chin were firmer and the double chin reduced without any weight loss.
The Needle-Free Concentrate is a highly concentrated attack against mimic folds. It supports the regeneration of hyaluronic acid, can relax mimic folds and visibly pad deep fold.
Apply on cleansed face and neck in the morning and evening. Avoid direct eye contact!