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    Picture of TrueLight™ Energy Scarlet Lux

    TrueLight™ Energy Scarlet Lux

    The TrueLightâ„¢ Energy Scarlet Lux is a convenient red light therapy light bulb, that offers on-the-go treatment. Featuring a unique patent-pending design, with 4 different types of LED therapy light, you can't go wrong with the Scarlet Lux.
    R 2 399,00
    Picture of TrueLight™ Energy Baton Rouge

    TrueLight™ Energy Baton Rouge

    The TrueLightâ„¢ Energy Baton Rouge is the portable accessory you need for quick, on-the-go red light therapy treatment. This compact device is perfect for athletes, travelers, or people who require spot treatment. Convenient and easy to use anywhere, anytime.
    R 3 695,00
    Picture of TrueLight™ Energy Square

    TrueLight™ Energy Square

    The TrueLight by Truedark Energy Square features a unique patent-pending design that offers 4 different types of LED therapy lights that assist in reducing pain and cellular healing. These light emitting therapy products deliver optimal Yellow, Red, and Near-Infrared light wavelengths which may positively react with mitochondria to repair and stimulate cellular regeneration.
    R 6 695,00