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    Picture of Troscriptions Just Blue

    Troscriptions Just Blue

    This advanced nootropic consists of 16mg of pure, pharmaceutical-grade methylene blue which is safe for human consumption.
    R 549,00
    Picture of Troscriptions Blue Cannatine

    Troscriptions Blue Cannatine

    Blue Cannatine is seen as one of the most novel and powerful nootropics on the market – giving you a physical and mental boost of energy without the jitters or a crash.
    R 599,00
    Picture of Troscriptions Tro Calm

    Troscriptions Tro Calm

    Quiet your mind, relax, and feel your stress/tension melt away. And, as your stress melts away, enjoy performing better in all you do….from the boardroom to the bedroom (we are talking about sleep!).
    R 599,00