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SynerChi Choc-Hazel Granola 300g

An incredible way to start the day with this delicious and nutrient dense superfood granola. Our granola is a one of a kind – low in sugar, packed with superfoods and full of nutritional goodness. We offer a range of different flavors each bursting with their own delicious flavor, specially made with your health in mind, and of course with love.
R 120,00 R 84,00

SynerChi GreenChi Protein Shake – 250g

A bespoke blend to supply your body with the finest quality plant based, nutrient dense proteins. GreenChi Protein helps to accelerate recovery from exercise, supporting general wellness and helping you achieve optimal physical and mental performance, resulting in larger, leaner muscle gain, naturally.
R 220,00 R 154,00

SynerChi Hemp Protein Powder 250g

Superior nutrition with a rich nutty flavor and a soft, chewy texture. This quality protein and amino acid food supports the regeneration of muscle and tissue, building and helping to accelerate recovery from exercise, benefiting general wellness and assisting the achievement of optimal physical and mental performance.
R 140,00 R 98,00

SynerChi Iron+ 180 Capsules

A powerful and energising plant iron source. All the iron you need is right here in this product. It is a beautiful combination of Bladderwrack and Irish Sea Moss, both known for their exceptionally high natural iron properties. It is especially important for women to upkeep iron production within the body.
R 420,00 R 294,00

SynerChi Maca Powder – 250g

One of nature’s most precious gems, praised for its health benefits over thousands of years. A plant rich in antioxidants and bioactive plant compounds that support the body with the many healing properties that Maca has to offer.
R 140,00 R 98,00

SynerChi Omega Me 250g

Superior raw nutrition with a rich nutty flavor and a soft, chewy and crunchy texture.
R 165,00 R 115,50
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