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Aptus P-Boost - 50ml
SKU: AP-SB-PBO-01-50
R 335,00


  • Provides a large amount of organic Phosphorus (P) in the generative and bloom phase
  • 100% water soluble and organic leaving no residue
  • Combines organic Nitrogen (N) and Phosphorus (P) with L-amino acids
  • High bioavailability
  • Powerful stimulating effect on the blooming process


  • NPK: 5-15-0

How to use:

  • Use during the initial flowering stages
  • Stop using once the bud fattening stage begins.
  • Dissolve 0.3/0.5ml in 1L of water
Products specifications

Aptus P-Boost is made of high-quality ingredients, having gone through many tests to guarantee its efficiency and purity. This organic-mineral compound is designed to give your plants the necessary quantity of phosphorus during the flowering period.

Similar to other stimulants like N-Boost or K-Boost, this product stimulates protein creation in the plant itself. It also facilitates vegetal hormone and vitamin production.

It contains acids of organic origin that help reduce, increase or simply adjust the pH levels in your irrigation tank.

This flowering stimulant will give you larger harvests, directly affecting the quality of your plants’ flowers. You’ll see an increase in resin production as well as an increase in the thickness of the flowers on your plant, even doubling them in size, if you use Aptus’s additive range correctly. This product also affects the quality and density of the foliage, which will get bigger and acquire a more intense green colour.

This amazing nutritional compound will give your plants the necessary energy to reward you with stupendous buds, full of shiny resin with thick glands. This product is completely soluble and is guaranteed to not leave any residues nor back up pipes used in trickle irrigation.

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