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Aptus K-Boost - 50ml
SKU: AP-SB-AKB-01-50
R 335,00


  • Stimulates fruit and bud maturation
  • Improves crop quality
  • 100% water soluble and leaves no residue
  • High bioavailability
  • Firm end product

How to use:

  • Use from the 5th to the 7th week of flowering.
  • Dissolve 0.3-0.5ml per L of water.
Products specifications

Aptus K-Boost is a product designed to guarantee mature flowers in less time. It’s made from high-quality mineral-organic ingredients, which makes for visible results after just a few doses. Cannabis is a plant that needs high dosages of potassium during the flowering period; potassium is what gives the buds taste and body.

K-Boost has a high potassium (K) content and L amino-acids that bring your cannabis plants to life. Your buds will be extremely compact and firm, as well as slightly heftier when you go to dry and cure them.

This compound is completely soluble, meaning that you can use it in all types of grow mediums. It doesn’t leave any residues in your water tanks or in your plants’ substrate. It hardly affects acid or electro-conductivity levels (pH-eC).

It should only be used during the last phase of the flowering period, when the heads are almost completely formed, making for thicker, denser heads and buds. It also improves terpene potency, making your weed smell and taste much better.

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