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Raphael Pet CBD Oil - 500mg/5% - 10ml
SKU: FV-OIL-PET-500-10
R 550,00

Just like sunlight breaks into a full spectrum of gorgeous colors when it goes through a prism, pure hemp oil has a lot more in it than just CBD.

In fact, it has over 400 active ingredients, most of which are terpenes! Terpenes counter a whole variety of health issues themselves and are each very effective at one or several different things.

This leads to what is known as the “entourage effect,” a wider range of healing properties. Many scientists consider full-spectrum hemp oil to be more effective than CBD alone.

This 10ml (5%) bottle of full-spectrum hemp oil will effectively find what’s wrong and diagnose and treat it by itself with such a wide variety of compounds that go exactly where they are needed most!

500mg CBD per 10ml bottle
100% organically grown, full-spectrum CBD
Clean CO2 extraction that’s free of harsh chemicals
cGMP-certified and made in the Switzerland

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