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best-performing one-piece wireless speaker

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Welcome musical bliss and beauty into your home by bringing the BOSE Sound Touch 30 III Wireless Music System in. This speaker will introduce to the true meaning of immersive sounds and beautiful beats from the first moment you press the play button. While this black speaker is beautifully designed and can fit in any room you choose to put it in, it still beats its looks with a powerful and striking performance. The BOSE Sound Touch 30 III Music System is considered the best-performing one-piece wireless speaker which offers you the chance to play your music via Bluetooth or connecting it to your Wi-Fi network. Connect this speaker to your multimedia device and enjoy your music loud and clear at every turn. Access your beloved music services such as Spotify, Pandora, and others and play your beats like a boss. Download the SoundTouch application and take full control of your speaker, from audio levels to creating playlists to managing the different BOSE devices around the house! The Bose SoundTouch 30 III Speaker comes with 6 presets which allows you to save 6 of your all-time favorite playlists and play them whenever you want, without being connected! Your listening experience is about to get a major upgrade!

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