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    Picture of Bio Shield

    Bio Shield

    With a blend of adaptogenic immune-boosting mushroom extracts, anti-oxidant rich ingredients, and vitamins, Shield will provide your body with all that is required for optimal immune support to ensure a healthy and efficient immune system. Bio Shield will not only keep your immune system at its optimal state but also assist the body to detoxify and renew itself from a cellular level.
    R 229,00
    Picture of MCT Oil

    MCT Oil

    Medium-chain triglycerides, or for short, MCT Oil, is a crucial ingredient in any progressive nutrition plan due to it being one of the most efficient and fastest sources of clean energy for both the Body & Mind.
    R 249,00
    Picture of Gut Complex

    Gut Complex

    Gut Health & Digestive support product from PRIMESELF. With a synergistic combination of advanced & patented ingredients in order to promote and support optimal gut health.
    R 279,00
    Picture of Natural Sleep

    Natural Sleep

    Natural Sleep from PRIMESELF works by tackling aspects of both the body and mind. This is a result of the ingredients in Natural Sleep calming the mind, optimizing neurotransmitters in the brain and providing the body with all the necessary components to assist you in slipping into a deep, natural and restorative sleep!
    R 299,00
    Picture of Shroom Elixir Capsules

    Shroom Elixir Capsules

    All 4 mushrooms are sourced from top quality suppliers and are equally dosed to provide a supplement that is of quality for results you can feel!
    R 319,00
    Picture of Zen Mode

    Zen Mode

    Zen Mode contains a synergistic blend of natural nootropics, neuro-enhancers and adaptogens to provide a calm and tranquil state. Achieved via the targeting of core neurotransmitters, Gaba & Serotonin, shown to be responsible for mood and stress regulation.
    R 329,00