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Wireless Surveilance System - White

SKU: 100000133471
R 4 969,99
With such powerful cameras you can easily monitor large outdoor areas such as parking lots, loading bays or strange facilities. Alternatively you could set up this NVR system to monitor the perimeter of your home. The NVR supports manual, auto, dynamic detection and alarm trigger recording while with each screen you can set multiple detection areas and adjust the 6-level sensitivity so its not tripped by the neighbors cat or leaves passing on the breeze.

1 x Screen(300m Wireless Range to Cameras)
4 x Digital Weatherproof Wireless Cameras(use wireless or wired)
Infrared, Night Vision up to 25m
4 x Antennas
1 x Mouse
-Power Supplies
-Video Cable Free, Plug & Play

Brand: Nuclear
Colour: White
Item code: MS017752/PLE148

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