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    Redemption is the essence of self-empowerment as once we can see clearly we can change anything and the implications of this for us now on this planet are quite simply earth shattering. It allows us the gift of real hope even in the midst of worldwide tragedies. Redemption is an alchemical remedy centered around the Noya Rao tree also known as the mother of all plants. It basically floods your body with light which moves the patterns we have accumulated in this life out of the body. Noya Rao is the centerpiece of Redemption around which all the other ingredients are arrayed like jewels in a crown. Noya Rao also known as the flying tree, love medicine and the tree of life, is a plant intelligence that disappeared from the planet and was thought to be a legend but which returned to the planet in the last 10 years. The song of redemption was sung by Jason King to allow a bridge of connection to be created between the tree and us, and represents a big part of Redemption and its ability to work with us. This tree grows in Peru and is held in higher reverence than all other medicinal plants. It is bio luminescent. When approached at night, its leaves and roots glow bluish purple, much like the tree in Avatar. Much of the action of this tree is shrouded in mystery but what does come out is that it floods the person with light and in this process a lot of inbuilt dysfunctional patterning is flushed from the system. Think of it as a mental and emotional detox.

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    Redemption realigns us with the person we were meant to be before we got lost in a whole host of conditioned responses. As we break conditioned habits we become more and more free to engage with life the way we want to. Redemption brings us to the root of our patterning while offering us a new, free way of being. 


    Gold bhasma: (gold that has been burnt 14 times) is part of the alchemical ayurvedic tradition

    and has a strengthening effect on the body and provides us with a ground matrix for all the

    other ingredients to exist in like fertile ground.

    Shatavari: Also known as the divine spirit herb and the flying herb has been used traditionally

    in both Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine to increase lung function and strengthen and tonify

    the life force. It is a major reproductive health tonic for both men and women.

    Bee pollen: Is the alchemized and potentized seeds of thousands of wild flowers so it imparts

    the feeling of the pure potential of existence coming into form. Bee Pollen is the very essence

    of new life beginning something that we can always be reminded of on a cellular level.

    Disa Orchid flower essence: Is used to fuse the masculine and feminine together in us so

    we are more complete as individuals. We are able to diminish the masculine and feminine conflict

    externally as we integrate it internally. This will of course improve our relationships with everyone.

    Cacao: The legends say cacao was actually a plant deity who used to hold the hands of people as

    they were forced to walk up the Aztec pyramids to have their hearts cut out by the bloodthirsty

    Aztec priests. Cacao is very soft and nourishing yet slightly stimulating and this is really the

    tone of Redemption and all its ingredients. So when the mother of all plants descends into

    us we feel held, nourished strong and embodied for the journey out of our own personal maze

    we have been struggling through since childhood.

    Fire: Is made from burning ethanol in a glass alembic, the final drop is then extinguished and

    immediately potentized. It has been included to burn away a lot of the old wounding as it exits the body.

    Light is made by passing clear white light through a prism into water and then potentizing

    the water, the effect of this is of ingesting the entire spectrum of light and we can use the

    red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet rays to return the old patterning in us

    back into light. So we have the three aspects or jewels of the masculine: gold, fire and wild

    flower pollen to balance the three aspects or jewels of the feminine Shatavari, Disa orchid

    and Cacao and this whole construction is flooded with rainbow light as it lights up the mother

    of all plants standing in the middle of this crown of creation.


    7 drops on the tongue in the morning before or after eating

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