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Wireless charging distance: 6mm
SKU: QD-11250-K
R 699,00
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The QDOS Qi AirBank is the ultimate portable solution to charging your smartphone wirelessly. 5000 mAh Qi certified wireless powerbank also offering 5W wireless charger function. Cleverly designed suction pads grip to your smartphone for perfect charge alignment. Includes a 2.1A USB port, allowing 2 devices to be charged simultaneously. Case friendly.

The QDOS Qi AirBank is the ultimate solution to charging your smartphone wirelessly. With a black, soft-touch finish, it’s good to look at and handles nicely. Delivering a maximum output of 5000 mAh this Qi certified wireless powerbank also acts as a 5W wireless charger. With cleverly designed suction pads, your smartphone is secure and always perfectly aligned. Includes a 2.1A USB port to charge 2 devices simultaneously. The Powerbank also includes an LED battery status light and an LED power indicator distinguishing between wired and wireless charging. Qi wireless charging standard allows compatibility with wireless-enabled devices. Case friendly.


  • 5000 mAh Qi Wireless Powerbank
  • Includes 1x 2.1A USB port to charge up two devices simultaneously
  • PowerBank LED battery status light
  • LED power indicator light distinguishes between wireless and wired charging
  • Plug into power source for Qi certified 5W Qi charger, output 5V-1A
  • Wireless charging distance: 6mm
  • Suction cups for ease of transport and continuously perfect alignment
  • Charges smartphone first, refills powerbank battery second
  • Case friendly with cases up to 3mm thickness and do not contain a battery/other metal

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