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LMP HDMI To HDMI Super Slim HDMI 2 Cable ([email protected]) 2m

LMP HDMI To HDMI Super Slim HDMI 2 Cable ([email protected]) 2m
SKU: 16638
R 199,00
Products specifications

The LMP HDMI 2.0 cable is a high-speed cable capable of transferring video and audio with the latest HDMI 2.0 (HDMI UHD) standard. The maximum resolution lies at [email protected] Hz with 24 bits/px color depth and up to 32 audio channels are supported. The cable is super slim and therefore easy to wrap or install around corners. It is perfect to hook up an external monitor or TV to a HDMI-enabled host computer and is downward compatible to former HDMI standards.

In order to make use of the maximum resolution (4K) and refresh rate (60 Hz), the graphic card/port of the host, the HDMI adapter (if needed) and the monitor/TV must all feature HDMI 2.0 capability alike.

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