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    Picture of Druids Garden Chaga Coffee 250g Ground

    Druids Garden Chaga Coffee 250g Ground

    A curated collection of the most delicious culinary mushrooms with added medical properties that have been carefully selected from forests around the world. Our coffee is 100% organic Arabica. Single origin from a community co-op in Malawi. Our olive oil is cold pressed extra virgin and is imported from Spain. Our salt is from the ancient pans of the Kalahari and is hand harvested the traditional way and free of any pollutants.
    R 140,00
    Picture of Druids Garden Chaga Capsules

    Druids Garden Chaga Capsules

    Medicinal Mushrooms Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) A powerful antioxidant that “bullet proofs” your immune system. It helps protect cells against aging and is well known for lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.
    R 299,00
    Picture of Druids Garden Chaga Tincture

    Druids Garden Chaga Tincture

    Medicinal mushrooms have been used as an effective traditional medicine for thousands of years. They pack a powerfull punch of nutrients that allow us to heal and recharge our mind and body, fighting against free-radicals and disease that bombard us every day. Stress, bad diet and pollution all take their toll on our systems and medical mushrooms are a perfect way to heal and be our best. By adding a dose of medicinal mushrooms to your daily diet you can strengthen your immune system and greatly improve your health and wellbeing. Treat a wide range of ailments in a safe, natural and ancient way that is time tested and proven to work. Modern scientific studies are proving that medicinal mushrooms can help with preventing cancer, lowering cholesterol, diabetes, weight loss, boosting mental focus, fatigue, sleep disorders, post op recovery and more. Science is finally catching up with natural traditional medicine. Druid’s Garden medicinal mushrooms – HEALING AS NATURE INTENDED
    R 300,00